University Catholic Conference of California 2018 
Volunteer to Host
Can't attend UCCC, but still want to support us?
We need you as hosts for visiting students!

In the spirit of hospitality and fellowship, UCCC participants will be offered simple housing in UC Berkeley students’ apartments or dorms on a first come, first serve basis.

Your generous hospitality is needed to help make UCCC a success!
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Street Address *

Ex. 1234 Catholics Blvd.
City *

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How many students can you accommodate?


Do you have any special requests regarding your sleep schedule?

If other, please let us know in the next question!

Friday night (2/16/2018) activities finish at about 9:00 PM. When will you be available to pick up your host student(s)? *

Some participants may be arriving late Friday night.

Anything additional things we should know?

Ex. I have a pet, I won't be available until 11:00 PM Friday night, etc.
Would you like to donate? If so, how much? We graciously accept any amount!

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