University Catholic Conference of California 2018

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Ex. 1234 Catholics Blvd.
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Example: Los Angeles
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Example: UC Berkeley
What year in college are you? *

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For visiting students: Would you like to request host student accommodations? *

In the spirit of hospitality and fellowship, conference participants will be offered simple housing in UC Berkeley students’ apartments, dorms, or houses on a first come, first serve basis.

However, if you would like to make your own lodging arrangements, we will have more information soon.

For Berkeley students: are you able to host visiting students? *

A simple floor or couch in your dorm / apartment would do! We REALLY need your help here in order to make UCCC a success!

UC Berkeley students who volunteer to host will receive a $15 discount off Early Bird, Regular, or Late registration. If you have extra space, you can receive $5 off per additional person (up to $30 off!).

For Berkeley students: If you can host, how many students can you accommodate?

If your roommate / apartment-mate / housemate is registering too, just put down their name (so we don't get duplicates!) Don't worry, everyone will still receive the discount! (:
Do you have any special requests regarding your sleep schedule?

If other, please let us know in the next question!

Do you have any other special housing requests?

Ex. allergic to cats/dogs, specific person you want to request to host
Do you have any dietary needs? If so, please state below.

Check-in starts Friday, 2/16/2018 at 5:00 PM. When do you plan on arriving to Berkeley? *

Check-in will reopen Saturday at 7:30 AM.

T-shirt Size *

Emergency Contact

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Relationship *

Phone Number *

How did you hear about UCCC? *

Additional Comments

Example: Registering through The Catholic Voice / CACCLC / Tim Staples
Registration *

The last day to register is Wednesday, 2/15!

Would you like to donate? If so, how much? We graciously accept any amount!

After completing this form, please submit your payment via Paypal (, credit card, or Venmo (  You will be charged the registration price that corresponds with the date of payment, not the date that you completed this form. Our UCCC staff will be in contact with you if there is a discrepancy between your registration date and the amount paid.


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